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Translations quarterly report  #1

Published on 2021-10-02

From now on, you can check the traffic of the P3.express manual in various languages in the quarterly report page. This page updates once a quarter.

In this quarter, which is the first one to have the manual available in more than one language, about 28% of visitors have used the manual in a language other than English, which is a good indication of the usefulness of translations.

The languages added in this quarter are Serbian, Greek, Persian, Romanian, Spanish, and Arabic, all thanks to the following contributors: Vladimir Majstorović, Theodoros Argyriou, Zeinab Aghababaei, Vahid Azadmanesh, Seyed Mehdi Beheshti Shirazi, Hirad Chehri, Navid Fathi, Mehrzad Mansourzadeh, Abbass Moghadasi, Raul JURJ, Jan-Florin Panaite, Daniel Orzata, Sabrina Stephens, Ángel Águeda Barrero, Afef Mezzi, Samir Babikir, and Mohammed Khalafallah.

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