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The final version of P3.express 2nd edition has been published

Published on 2021-05-17

We’re glad to announce that the final version of the second edition of P3.express has been published: https://p3.express/manual/v2/

We hope that this new and improved edition will be more helpful in your projects.

Many thanks to everyone who’s helped us: the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, Michael Kraack, Geraldine Courtenay, Maurits Van der Plas, Ciro Sbarra, Dmitry Ilienkov, Inham Hassen, Amir Ehsani, Robin Smets, Mario Vanhoucke, Rouzbeh Kotobzadeh, Lubomira Mihailova, Reg Edwards, Angelo Giunta, Vahid Azadmanesh, Willem Van Mulders, A. Moghadasi, Valeriya Ilenkova, Mark Kouwenhoven, Theuns Joubert, Mark Kouwenhoven, Sabrina Stephens, Angel Agueda Barrero, Anderson Cezar de Menezes, Arndt Bergmeister, Gerard O. ODJE, Carlo Peano, Cristiano Ottavian, Marco Caressa, Valeriya Ilenkova, Anton Kikot, Aleksey Sokol, Vahid Azadmanesh, Zeinab Aghababaei, Hirad Chehri, Seyed Mehdi Beheshti Shirazi, Mehrzad Mansourzadeh, Navid Fathi, Theodoros Argyriou, Afef Mezzi, Mohammed Khalafallah, and more…

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