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NUPP has been released

Published on 2019-06-05

One suggestion that we received a few times for P3.express was to describe its underlying principles or values. We’ve been working on this idea for about a year, and the result turned out to be quite different from what we first anticipated!

Introducing NUPP: What happened along the way was that we realized that the underlying principles of P3.express are compatible with all other major methods and systems, even though they may not be expressed in those systems. So, instead of describing the principles of P3.express, we started a project to describe the Nearly Universal Principles of Projects, or NUPP for short.

NUPP is a collection of 6 NUPs (nearly universal principles) that are applicable to P3.express, PRINCE2®, the PMBOK® Guide, eXtreme Programming, DSDM®, Scrum, and more. NUPP helps practitioners of all systems by making the underlying principles clearer, and thus helping them to avoid fruitless rituals that do not contribute to results.

NUPP is a “metasystem”, independent of P3.express, but it will always have a close relationship with it.

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