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Invitation for translating the eLearning course

Published on 2022-02-15

The eLearning course (The Artophile Center Project) has been available for a while, and the necessary adjustments are made to it. We’ve also changed its engine from Twine to NEL – NEL is a simple engine we’ve developed for this purpose, which structures the content in a more maintainable way and makes translations easier.

So, the course is ready to be translated now. If you’re interested, let us know by contacting info@omimo.org. Like the translation of the manual, it can be done with a team of translators if there’s more than one volunteer.

The eLearning course is consisted of about 35,000 words, equivalent to approximately 70 pages of standard text. The text is a simple narrative, easier and faster to translate than the manual.

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