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Introducing OMIMO

Published on 2024-01-15

As we grew beyond P3.express and added new modules, we needed to have a name to refer to this family. So, a while back, we asked everyone to suggest names. There were many interesting suggestions, and among them, we chose “OMIMO”, which stands for “Open Minimalist Modules”.

OMIMO is the name that meets all the criteria, and it has the great advantage of constantly reminding us of the three attributes we must have in all systems in this family:


The family’s main website is located at omimo.org. Each module keeps the same domain it had before, with visible links to the family website.

Email addresses

While the old email addresses, such as info@p3.express, will remain valid and functional, we’ll use OMIMO emails, such as info@omimo.org, as the primary addresses.

Email announcements

No changes are required if you’re subscribed to receive announcements via email, but the sender will change from P3.express and info@p3.express to OMIMO and info@omimo.org. This will be the last announcement sent using the old name and email address.

These emails contain the important announcements from all modules, which are also available online.

RSS feed

If you’re subscribed to the announcements RSS feed, please change its address from https://p3.express/index.xml to https://omimo.org/index.xml for the best experience.

Similar to the email announcements, the RSS feed contains the important announcements from all modules.

You can stay up to date by subscribing to the announcement emails or using a special feed reader application to subscribe to the RSS feed.