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The training accreditation programs are open for review

Published on 2022-01-06

We’ve designed the first draft of accreditation systems for trainers and education partners. We’d like to invite you to review them and send us your comments.

These are the documents that define the system:

  1. A key document is the trainers’ code of conduct, which will be our shared understanding of the professional and ethical expectations of P3.express trainers.
  2. Then there’s the program for accrediting P3.express trainers. This is a free-of-charge program focused on the quality of training programs for learners.
  3. Finally, there’s an accreditation program for education partners (e.g., training organizations).

You can send your comments to info@omimo.org. We’ll be collecting feedback until January 20th, 2022. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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