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2024-03-23 EPOS awarded the Erasmus+ Quality Label

2024-02-01 Update your P3P-2023 certificate to P3P-2024 (free)

2024-01-15 Introducing OMIMO

2024-01-10 draft is published and available for review

2023-08-07 Slide deck for (draft)

2023-06-06 Slide deck for (draft)

2023-05-17 The final version of and invitation for translations

2023-03-14 conference in Helsinki

2023-02-27 Invitation to suggest names

2023-02-20 Update your P3P-2022 certificate to P3P-2023 (free)

2022-12-12 draft is published and available for review

2022-11-08 train the trainer course for PRINCE2® trainers

2022-10-04 conference in Belgium

2022-08-08 Online Mini-Conference in Spanish and English

2022-08-08 Mini-Conference in Berlin

2022-05-24 Conferences in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Belgium

2022-03-14 The final version of the P3P exam is now available to the public

2022-03-01 Call for volunteers for local conferences

2022-02-15 Invitation for translating the eLearning course

2022-02-07 The training accreditation program is finalized

2022-01-28 P3P certification exam, trial stage 2

2022-01-18 A new section for announcements added to the website

2022-01-10 The final version of the instructor-led workshop program has been released

2022-01-06 The training accreditation programs are open for review

2022-01-05 Downloadable version of the diagrams added

2022-01-03 Translations quarterly report  #2

2021-12-27 P3P certification exam, trial stage 1

2021-11-18 The instructor-led workshop program is open for review

2021-10-21 The eLearning course is released

2021-10-02 Translations quarterly report  #1

2021-09-01 The eLearning course is open for review

2021-05-22 Invitation for translating the manual

2021-05-17 The final version of 2nd edition has been published

2021-05-02 An adjustment to the license

2021-04-16 The alpha version of P3pper is ready

2021-03-08 The draft of 2nd edition is open for review

2020-10-15 Suggestions for the new edition of

2020-10-01 European Union's Erasmus+ program has sponsored

2020-01-18 The second minor update to

2019-06-24 NUPP is now available in multiple languages

2019-06-05 NUPP has been released

2018-04-02 A minor update to

2016-06-18 The manual has been released