Open Minimalist Modules

OMIMO is a family of modules for the project ecosystem. All modules are designed to be easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to teach.



All OMIMO modules are open and libre, with a Creative Commons Attribution license. It means that you can use them in any way you want, including for commercial purposes, without asking for permission.

Based on the license, the freedoms provided in OMIMO modules cannot be revoked in the future.


All OMIMO modules are minimalist systems, meaning that they focus on the most essential aspects instead of creating a huge, bloated system. Minimalism makes the modules easier to learn, easier to use, and easier to teach.

The main modules offer roadmaps (methods) instead of pools of random advice.


OMIMO is modular, in that all its elements are carefully designed to work independent of the others. As a result, you won’t be locked into the system and able to use any of the modules and mix them with those outside OMIMO.

OMIMO is an ongoing enveavor and more modules will be added in the future.

OMIMO ModulesClick on any module in the diagram to open its website.Level 5Portfolio ManagementLevel 4Program ManagementLevel 3Project ManagementLevel 2Technical ManagementLevel 1Individual Task ManagementP5.expressP4.expressP3.expressP2.expressP1.expressmicro.P3.expressNUPPThe full landscape

Subscribing to Announcements

All important updates about OMIMO modules are announced here. If you’re interested in using or contributing to the modules, it’s best to stay informed of these announcements by one of the following three methods:


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